Atari 2600 – Demons To Diamonds

Diamonds Demons are forever…
After a long time we get another game by Atari and to everyone’s surprise (not really) its an arcade shooter.
There’s also a backstory about two kids who go to a carnival and stumble upon a shack that is filled with demons so naturally, they start shooting them with laser guns.
Not really important or interesting but you should know that this game was actually geared towards kids from 6 to 12 years old.
And I’m ashamed to say that I still sucked big time.

This is the general gist:
You control a big spacecraft(?) at the bottom of the screen and you can move (rather fast) from left to right.
You know, like every other arcade shooter ever released.
Some demons will appear from time to time and you try to shoot them by pressing the fire button. The longer you press, the longer your beam will become.
They will then either turn into diamonds which you can shoot for massive bonus points or into skulls which will immediately start firing in both directions before dying after a few seconds.
And that’s it!

The game is pretty ugly with plain colors and large, clunky sprites.
At least it runs smoothly.
I mentioned before that your ship moves very fast, so the controls take a bit of time to get used to.
Also, if a demon turns into a skull you have to get away (very f*cking) fast or you will get shot.
Maybe my reactions are sh*t but I can’t imagine a kid faring much better.
Thank god they added an easy mode where enemy fire is slowed down a lot.

Sounds not that great so far, right?
I agree… if you’re playing alone.
I announce with extreme joy that Demons To Diamonds has a functioning coop multiplayer mode.
And it’s so much more fun.
Grab a friend, pick a difficulty setting and flank those demons.
You on the bottom, he on the top.
You can even activate friendly fire if you want to end the friendship instantly.
Try it!




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