Atari 2600 – Dragonfire

Looks like an animatronic by Ray Harryhausen.
But it’s actually an arcady action game by Imagic, so you may already know I enjoyed it.
Let me tell you why.

You play as a knight (I assume) who has to recover stolen items from a kleptomaniac dragon.
Just like Cosmic Ark, this game is split into two parts.
First is the bridge.
Run to the left side into the castle while dodging fireballs.
They are really fast and you have to perfectly time when to jump or to duck.
Protip: run like a motherf*cker to gain momentum for your jumps and to not get stuck in one place.
After that comes the dragon’s lair.
You start out hidden in a basket (?) and the dragon, who is running from left to right, will not attack you as long as you stay in it.
Treasures are scattered all over the place and sooner or later you have to come out in an attempt to collect them all.
This, of course, attracts the dragon who will start firing at you (literally).
Another protip: always run in a straight line to the end of the screen. Then, move a few steps up and run back. Rinse and repeat until you collected every treasure.
The flames are slower than your character and this is probably the best way to dodge them. Worked for me.
After picking up the last treasure piece another gate will open and you move on to the next castle.

As expected from Imagic, Dragonfire looks great.
Very colorful, detailed to a level that is unmatched so far (look at all the different treasures or the dragon) and nicely animated.
I really like how your character bends the knee when he ducks down.
Looks like he dodges bullets in slow-motion. Totally badass.
I also enjoy how varied the different stages are.
Not just in their color scheme but also that every dragon behaves differently.
One is slow, the other fast and the next one is on your a*ss the whole time.
The placement of treasure is also randomized as is the appearance of the fireballs on the bridge stage.
That can be troublesome at times tho.
It happens that a low and high fireball come at you in unison and you have no way to dodge them.
Sucks, but at least you get like five lives.

There is not much to complain about here.
The game is harder than other Imagic games, the sound is nothing to write home about and I am personally not the biggest fan of the simple fantasy setting.
Still worth a purchase and a nice challenge.
Play it!




3 thoughts on “Atari 2600 – Dragonfire

  1. I have fond memories of playing this one, but it’s been years. I remember playing this with my brother to see what color the next dragon was going to be. Eventually, you just keep getting white ones (my brother made it through five of them, so I doubt there’s anything else). Also, it actually is possible to avoid the simultaneous fireballs, there’s a way to jump and duck at the same time, but the timing is really hard.

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