Atari 2600 – Eli’s Ladder


Nope, couldn’t even find a good pic of the box art.
This will be a short review because Eli’s Ladder by Simage is an educational game for children.
It’s interesting for collectors tho as this is one of the rarest games for the Atari 2600.
Not many cartridges were sold, it almost never pops up on Ebay and even if it does be prepared to pay around 1.820,40 €.
No wonder it’s rated a 10 on Atariage’s rarity scale.

I like that there is actually a story here.
Eli is a little alien who wants to return to his spaceship and you can help him by answering math equations.
These are very simple and obviously geared towards small children who just started school.
You answer by choosing the correct number.
No need to painfully type in numbers.
Makes for faster gameplay and keeps your kids from falling asleep.
There are many game variations like ‘shorter answer time‘ or ‘hidden answers‘ and a two-player-mode in case your child needs some parental guidance.

The game is surprisingly colorful and even I enjoyed watching little Eli climb the ladder.
Just look at this cute fella:

It’s a real shame that this game is so rare as I enjoyed it far more than other educational titles of the time.
Although I can’t really put a score on it I award it a:




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