Atari 2600 – Entombed

Not as good as the band.
Coming right at ya with more output from U.S. Games.
This time it’s one of these crazy maze-runners that were pretty popular back in the day.

You are an archeologist and you are trapped in an old pyramid.
To make things worse, you are chased by zombies and even the game itself.
Yep, the playfield constantly scrolls downwards to keep you on your toes.
This also means you will often run into dead ends.
How to get out of such a predicament? By erasing blocks.
You somehow have the power to destroy a single block or to add one.
You can recharge this ability by collecting power-ups which move(!) across the screen.
If you made it to the end of a pyramid you move on to the next one featuring a different color and faster scrolling.

There are no gameplay-variations so this is (almost) all you get.
Graphics are very bland with only a few colors and annoyingly small characters.
It also sucks that many dead ends are a sure game over.
They consist of more than one block which essentially means you are f*cked.
Also, at one point the scrolling gets so fast that its pretty much impossible to avoid death.
I still got a bit addicted and pressed the reset switch a lot, just to see how far I can make it this time.

The big draw for Entombed is the two-player-mode.
You can race the maze (thank you) together, helping each other or blocking each other’s path.
The second option is obviously more fun and makes for some great rage-quit moments.
So, if you’re lonesome gamer:
Try it!
If you have a buddy at hand:
Play it!




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