Atari 2600 – Escape From The Mindmaster


The Green Goblin is up to no good!

Starpath is back and this time they utilize their Supercharger adapter to full extent.
This is a real game.
Multiple stages, a story, and an ending.

You have been kidnapped by the Mindmaster who challenges you and the entire human race to solve his puzzles.
By puzzles he means mazes.
Make your way through relatively small labyrinths, find four symbols and place them in the corresponding holes.
The game features six stages who all differ in layout, color scheme, and symbols.

Escape from the Mindmaster (1982) (Arcadia) (PAL)

It starts out with simple cross or circle signs but later on they get way more abstract.
The position of these symbols is randomized and if you’re unlucky, finding them can take quite a while.
But beware!
There is a robot on the run and also a handful of laser barriers which slide right trough the walls.
There is no time limit but you’re awarded more points the faster you finish a maze.
Once all symbols are in the right place a door will open and you move on to the next stage.
Wait, there’s more!
Every stage has a unique minigame that is waiting to be discovered.
Dodge falling lines, press the right direction key or play Lunar Lander.
It’s all fun and earns you some bonus points.

Escape from the Mindmaster (1982) (Arcadia) (PAL)_1

The game looks fantastic.
The impressive 3d-mazes combined with vibrant colors are trippy as f*ck.
No wonder they used 6k memory (or three times the amount of a normal cartridge).
And thanks to the minimap you will never get lost.
There is almost no sound except for a constant beeping.
This tells how far the killer robot is a way.
A good idea but highly annoying.
On the other hand…it’s quite impactful once it stops and you’re thrown in the last stage which is just a big, black maze with no puzzles or enemies.

Escape from the Mindmaster (1982) (Arcadia) (PAL)_2

EFTM is unique, thrilling, lenghty and another great way to show off the power of your Atari 2600.


Escape from the Mindmaster (1982) (Arcadia) (PAL)_3

I’m so sorry, human race…



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