Atari 2600 – Fast Eddy


Or “The Adventure of jumpy, Irish Waldo”.


This is an arcadey platformer by Sirius and while it looks like some generic junk it’s actually quite decent.

Fast Eddie is a fat dude who has to climb ladders to collect prizes.
I guess it’s some kind of weird gameshow because the prices are absolutely ridiculous and nonsensical.
A heart? Okay.
A fish? Fine.
A f*cking tank? Are you kidding me?
Well, let’s not dug too deep into it.

In every stage, you have to collect nine prices.
They appear randomly on the screen so you have to move up and down the ladders while avoiding small robots that run from left to right.
If you manage to collect all the prices, the tall robot on the top platform will shrink and you are able to jump over him to collect a key that opens the next stage.
It’s pretty much the same from here on out but with more and/or different-sized enemies.

The game looks rather bland and could use a few more colors, although I like the large sprites.
Same goes for the sound effects or lack thereof. You’ll mostly hear something when climbing a ladder.
Where Fast Eddie shines is the controls.
Buttery smooth and responsive. You also jump like an athlete which makes playing the game a really fair experience.
Maybe it’s a bit too easy for some folks, especially as completing a stage grants you an extra life.
In that case, just switch to a harder difficulty setting. Enemies that suddenly change directions are a real b*tch.

Look, this game is not a hidden gem or anything but the low difficulty combined with fast gameplay make for an exciting timewaster.
Try it!






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