Atari 2600 – Fast Food


Too many cooks…


An arcade game by Telesys, the company that showed promise with the ‘pretty gud’ Cosmic Creeps.

Gameplay is as simple as it gets.
You are a floating mouth with luscious lips and you try to eat as many food items as possible.
They fly in from the left and the only dish you should avoid are pink cucumbers.
I don’t know why exactly, but I too would skip those things.
If you eat six of them you burp, the shop closes and the game is over.
But if you manage to consume enough calories the game tells you “You got fatter” and you move on to the next stage with faster moving food.
You guessed it…
That’s it.

Fast Food looks good.
The different food items are very detailed and recognizable and I really like the little biting animation your mouth makes.
Shame about the boring, black background.
The sound effects, on the other hand, are absolutely horrible.
The game starts with a ‘melody‘ that sound like a snippet from the latest hip harsh noise record.
Do yourself a favor: press the mute button immediately and put on Weird Al’s “Eat It”.
Trust me on that.

The game is a good challenge for a few stages until everything gets so fast that a ‘game over’ is unavoidable.
After that?
No game variations whatsoever, only a simple (read: boring) ‘take turns’ two player mode.
A very short and forgettable experience overall.
Skip it!






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