Atari 2600 – Fire Fighter


This fire is no joke.
Even the fire truck is in flames.


Another arcade game by my favorite Atari 2600 developer Imagic.
And to my surprise: it sucks some major d*ck.

Believe the title.
You are a firefighter and you have to hose down a burning building and rescue a confused office worker.
The game starts with the building already on fire.
Jump off your truck and spray water on every burning window.
After that, look on which floor the trapped person is in and extend your ladder to that floor.
If you successfully saved the victim you can move on to the next stage.
Stages differ in the size of the buildings and smaller buildings catch fire way faster.

Here the problem with this game tho.
You will never see a ‘game over‘ screen.
It’s that easy.
Extinguishing the fire takes maybe ten seconds tops.
I’ve never seen it go higher than two floors.
Add five seconds for rescuing the victim and you get an ‘average stage beating time’ of 15 seconds.
Even the hardest stage never took me more than 20 seconds.
This all gets worse when you realize that there is no scoring system.
The freaking manual tells you to just write down your best time and move on.
What’s the point of playing this for longer than one stage then?
Right, there is none.
Just like there is no multiplayer mode or other gameplay variations.

Fire Fighter is a game that looks good and plays well but there is ultimately no point in playing it at all.
What a waste.
Skip it!




2 thoughts on “Atari 2600 – Fire Fighter

  1. If I remember correctly, it’s actually impossible to lose. If you put the controller down, and let the fire rage, eventually, all the windows will be on fire and the guy will be on the roof. It will stay like that forever until you put the fires out so he can come back in the building (the ladder won’t reach the roof).

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