Atari 2600 – Frogs And Flies


Take a wild guess what this game is about…


This is an arcade game by Mattel and I have to applaud them for making fantastic cover art.
And hey, the games aren’t half-bad either.

True to its title, Frogs and Flies puts you in the slippery body of a frog.
Jump from your lilypad to your opponents lilypad and try to catch as many flies as possible by extending your tongue mid-air.
The game starts in the early morning and lasts until the middle of the night (roughly five minutes).
The player with the most catches wins.

Now, this is mostly a game geared towards two players.
And that’s great.
It’s tense, exciting and every match ends in a close call.
If you have an Atari 2600 and often friends over: just get the game right now.
But even if you usually play alone the game does something that really struck a chord with me.
After starting the game you will jump around on your own thinking:
“That’s gonna be boring.”
And then, five seconds later, the other frog comes alive.
It’s like the game is saying:
“Oh, you’re alone buddy? How about I play with you for a while.”
Maybe I’m sappy but I think this is a nice touch.
The CPU is pretty good but not perfect, making the singleplayer mode nearly as fun as the multiplayer mode.

Frogs and Flies is not a beautiful game.
Everything is big and blocky and the colors look a bit washed out.
I do like tho how the background switches as time flies (get it?) by.
I can’t complain about the controls either as there are only two buttons.
The fire button activates your tongue and moving the stick (in any direction) lets you jump.
You can switch to expert mode which allows you to move freely but you gotta be really hardcore or you’ll land in the water after every jump.

If you’re by yourself or with some buddies, Frogs and Flies should be in every collection.
Play it and own it!





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