Atari 2600 – Gopher


When you’re hungry but still feel bad for stealing carrots.


U.S. Games delivers an arcade game about the everlasting struggle of a southern farmer who is plagued by an always hungry gopher.

You play as the poor farmer and you have to keep an eye on the most precious thing in your life:
Your three carrots.
Your enemy is fat gopher who builds tunnels under the soil.
If one tunnel reaches the ground, the gopher will peak out of it and make a run for your carrots.
Your only weapon against him is your trusty hoe.
You can close tunnels with it or hit the gopher on the head.
From time to time, a bird will fly across the screen and drop a seed.
Catch it and plant a new carrot.
The game ends when all three carrots are gone.

This is a fast game.
You’ll be constantly running from left to right, trying to close holes or catch the gopher.
This annoying fella is lightning fast and tries to lure you to the wrong hole.
I agree with the manual here:
Try to stay in the middle and focus on hitting the gopher.
Doing so will grant you a few seconds of peace and 100 points.
There is one more gameplay-variation without bonus seeds (like a harder difficulty).

The graphics are quite nice.
The grass is in different shades of green, the farmer opens his mouth with every swing of his hoe and the gopher always wear his smuggest smile.
You also get a nice sounding jingle at the start and the end of the game.
I’m a bit surprised by the amount of care they put into this silly game.

Gopher suffers from the lack of gameplay variations but I still spent way more time with it than I initially thought.
Probably because of its fast pace and charming graphics.
Try it!






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