Atari 2600 – Infiltrate


This cover reminds me so much of Solaris.


Looking at Apollo’s arcade game Infiltrate, you might be remembered of the very similar Elevator Action.
But this badboy was released one year prior.

You play as a secret agent who has to recover enemy documents.
Use the numerous elevators to reach different platforms and the aforementioned documents.
Beware of two assassins who look like weird goombas.
They will fire on sight.
Thankfully, you are able to duck and fire back. They die after a single hit but will respawn shortly after.
If you manage to gather a document, another one will show up.
Keep collecting until you loose all of your three lives.
You can get a bonus life for every 10k points, which is easier and quicker to achieve than you might think.

Infiltrate is very blocky but I gotta give it credit for using so many colors.
That gives it a very futuristic and tron-like appeal.
What bothered me were the controls.
They are too sensitive on hand and unresponsive on the other, especially when using an elevator.
Hard to describe, but I never got used to it.
There are a few gameplay variations but they more or less serve as harder difficulty levels (like faster or even invisible enemies).
A two-player-mode is included but you probably guessed it: it’s the old ‘take turns after players death’ type of deal.
A co-op mode would’ve worked wonders.

Infiltrate is alright for a few minutes but grows old pretty fast.
Still…Try it!





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