Atari 2600 – Jawbreaker


I feel like a child…erm…jaw in a candy store.


You like Pac-Man but the Atari 2600 edition sucks so you’re looking for something a bit different?
Introducing Jawbreaker by famous developer Sierra.

The version for the Atari 8-bit was a complete Pac-Man ripoff so this time they went with something slightly different.
You are a jaw and you have to munch all the candy while avoiding ghosts ‘happy faces’.
The screen is divided into different levels which you can reach by either going up or down on the sideline or by going through moving cracks in the lines.
There are also three power ups each stage which appear randomly and turn enemies into prey.
You move on when you’ve eaten all the candy.
Screw up three times and the game is over.

That’s pretty much it and that’s fine for this type or arcade game.
The game is very colorful with some nicely detailed enemies and you also get some iconic *wakawaka* sound effects.
You can choose between three difficulty levels or switch controllers with a buddy in the unexciting multiplayer mode.

Jawbreaker is a real frenzy with very fast and sometimes hectic gameplay that controls very well and never feels unfair.
Quite addictive but I would have loved some gameplay variations.
Play it!





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