Atari 2600 – Journey Escape


Just stop…believin’…


Data Age is presenting an arcade game about the highly popular 80’s rock band Journey.
Not a fan?
Well, this game won’t probably change that.

I personally like the band.
Yeah, they are cheesy but it’s always a pleasure seeing everybody sing “Don’t stop believing” when it plays at a party.
The game even starts with a rendition of the iconic tune.
I mean, it sounds horrible but I appreciate the effort.

You play as a member of the band and you have to successfully make it to their getaway vehicle.
Reach it in 60 seconds or less while avoiding groupies (little hearts on legs), paparazzi (flashing light bulbs), evil businessman and of course, fences.
If you run into them you lose precious time.
Aiding you on your mission are rowdies (blue robots?) and your manager (literally the kool-aid-man).
Touch them and you become invincible for a short amount of time,
If you manage to reach the vehicle you switch to the next band member.
Save all band members and you can move on to the next stage.

To be honest, this game sucks.
The graphics are ugly and I have no idea why they used an original song that plays during the game.
It’s annoyingly high-pitched and headache-inducing.
Running into enemies is also producing a weird sound and you really have to wiggle the controller in an attempt to break free.
I really don’t matter tho.
F*ck up more than once and the game is pretty much lost.
If you want to finish a stage you have to move the top of the screen.
This will make your character faster but you won’t be able to see what’s coming up.
It’s a loose-loose situation.
Also: only one life.

An easy mode would’ve been great but you only get an even harder difficulty to choose.
Journey Escape is an interesting concept horribly executed.
Skip that sh*t.




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