Atari 2600 – King Kong


When somebody takes a surprise pic and you only have a nanosecond to smile…


Tigervision were really busy in 1982 so here is their ‘new’ game King Kong.
It’s an obvious Donkey King ripoff but I won’t complain about more arcade goodness.

The game starts with Kong jumping on top of a building.
Funny at first but gets rather tedious after a while, watching the sluggish monkey climb all those platforms.
With him is a woman and you are the chosen adventurer who has to save her.
Climb many ladders, jump over many holes and avoid Kong’s bombs.
Two things you should know:
These bombs look like cupcakes.
That’s not important but it really made me hungry.
They also come in two different forms. The first form is a ‘standard’ bomb and by ‘standard’ I mean it moves all over the screen, is able to climb ladders and can ignore holes.
It’s totally random so stay the f*ck away.
The second bomb works the same but if you jump it you get transported to a higher platform. How nice.
Once you’ve reached the top you save the girl and move on to the next stage with faster bombs.

King Kong’s graphics are pretty cheap and many people complain about the look of Kong.
To be frank, he looks like a depressed and lonely bear making him my official spirit animal.
It’s goofy and I like that.
I’m also fine with the music.
Yes, it’s repetitive but at least not annoying in a way that makes me mute the TV.
What bothers me is the speed of your character.
He moves at a snail-lie pace.
A real problem, especially in later levels with faster bombs. The only way to speed things up is by constantly jumping but then you risk falling down holes.
Not a deal breaker tho.
I’m more angered by the lack of gameplay variants.
You can only choose between hard and even harder difficulty levels.

King Kong is not a game you’ll play for a long time but I can see myself coming back every once in a while for a quick challenge.
And it definitely beats the Atari 2600 version of Donkey Kong.
Try it!







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