Atari 2600 – Karate


♫♫Everybody was Kung-Fu fi♫♫SHUT THE F*CK UP!


This fighting game was released in Europe in 1982 by Ultravision and five! years later in North America by Froggo Games.
I have no idea why they waited so long and It would’ve been better if they canceled the release right away.
Yes, it’s that bad.

When you flip the switch on your console you are immediately thrown into the ring.
You can move in all directions.
Pressing the fire button will punch and pressing back and the fire button will kick.
You get points for successful hits and whoever scored the most points after two minutes wins the game.
There is also a two player mode in case you want to end a friendship.

Where do I start…?
Karate looks like sh*t.
The fighters resemble a pair of broken sticks and the area around the mat looks like a pool of poop.
It’s strangely fitting.
Hit detection is broken. You have to align perfectly or you’ll miss. And even if you hit that sweet spot, there is no guarantee the game recognizes it.
You also move so damn slow. It’s like walking through quicksand.
Rounds are too long and scoring seems absolutely random.
There is not one redeeming feature about this sh*tshow.

Karate is an absolute pain that fails at every level.
There are many people who regard this as the worst game on the system and after playing suffering through it for more than ten minutes I have to agree.
Avoid at all costs!






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