Atari 2600 – Lochjaw


What a great title…


Nah, it sucks.
Who thought of this abomination?
Thank god developer Apollo got into legal trouble so they changed it to Shark Attack, making this version one of the rarest games on the system.

You are a diver in the deep ocean and you have to navigate through a simple maze in order to collect all the treasures.
In the middle of the screen is a cage, your safe space.
Sharks can’t hurt you when this thing is closed.
Yes, there are sharks but they don’t really try to catch you.
They randomly appear, swim across the maze and disappear on the other side.
Sharks are fast and will eat everything in their way. This also includes treasures so keep up the pace.
If a shark kills you while you have treasures on you, you will lose them all. It’s safer to drop them in the cage every once in a while.
As the title suggests, you will also face Loch Ness.
Nessie is supposed to show up when you are close to the caves but I never stumbled upon him/her.
I died rather quickly.
When you manage to collect all jewelss you move on to the next stage.

Lochjaw is colorful and even though sprites aren’t very detailed, their shapes are easily recognizable.
The controls are a real problem.
You constantly get stuck on corners which often results in unnecessary deaths.
Really drags the game down.
You can choose between a variety of game modes but they all make the game more of a pain.
Just stick with the standard configuration and while you’re at it, skip the useless ‘switch controllers after every turn’ -type of multiplayer mode.

Lochjaw could have been a good game if they fixed the controls but it’s still entertaining for a short amount of time.
Try it.





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