Atari 2600 – Lost Luggage


Really fitting military font type…


Let’s get this out of the way:
Lost Luggage by Apollo is a shameless Kaboom! ripoff.
Nothing wrong with that.
Kaboom! was a great game, so more of the same can’t hurt, right?

You play as two guys at an airport.
The luggage carousel seems broken and is throwing your stuff everywhere.
Catch them before they hit the ground or the walls and get lost.
If you manage to grab ten items you win the round.
That’s when another plane appears and throws more of your luggage at you.
Rinse and repeat until you’ve lost all three lives.

The game isn’t pretty.
I like the skyline in different shades of blue but the rest…well there isn’t anything besides your blocky characters and the carousel.
More importantly tho, you can move in every direction. A necessity as not only is the ground your enemy but also the walls.
Having two characters also makes things easier as you cover more space.
This all goes to waste when you reach level four or five tho.
The game gets frustratingly fast, resulting in my waterproof tactic:
eyes closed, press left and right very fast and hope for the best.
Didn’t work so good this time.

There are a few gameplay variations like black suitcases filled with dynamite. When they hit the ground it’s an instant game over.
On the other hand, there’s a really fun coop mode.
Your buddy controls the direction of the luggage while you try to catch it.
Afterward, you switch places.
Interesting idea that delivers lots of mischievous satisfaction.

Lost Luggage is obviously inferior to Kaboom! and if you’re solo you can skip it right away.
If, by any chance, you can find a friend to play along, then give it a chance.
Try it!






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