Atari 2600 – M.A.D.


Not based on the famous magazine.


What a letdown.
I was expecting some Spy vs Spy action but instead got U.S. Games versions of Atlantis or Missile Command.
M.A.D. stands for Missile Attack and Defense. Slips right of your tongue, eh?
Let’s give it a look.

You’re the commander of Rainbow City (I guess) and you have to defend it from massive amounts of suicide bombers.
Your defense system is stationed in the middle of the screen.
The building can’t obviously move but you can change the direction of your weapon on top.
There are a few death spots tho, so aiming and timing is key.
Every round starts with an ominous melody followed by swarms of helicopters and planes.
If one of them changes their color to white it means they’re about to drop down.
Focus on those f*ckers or they may hit one of your six cities.
They survive a few impacts, but should they aim at your command center and hit the mark, one of your cities is erased instantly.
Lose all of them and the game is over.

M.A.D. looks really nice.
I like how colorful the buildings are and how seamlessly the enemies change their color. Still, would’ve loved a more interesting background instead of the plain black.
Getting used to the controls takes a bit of time but works great once you’ve got the hang of it.
It sucks that there are no gameplay variations but you get a very fun multiplayer mode.
The second player controls a crosshair and whenever he moves it over a plane or helicopter, it will drop down.
If you get hit, you switch places.
Lots of schadenfreude and a great way to build up some tension in your friendship.

M.A.D. can be skipped if you plan on playing by yourself.
Choose Atlantis or Missile Command instead.
If you happen to have a willing buddy around, definitely give it a look.
Try it!





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