Atari 2600 – Marauder


Looks like a great scifi pulp novel.


Looking for some futuristic action?
You’re in luck.
Tigervision dropped Marauder in 1982 and although fairly rare today, you might want to drop a few bucks for this underrated game.

You’re a marauder and you just infiltrated an alien base.
Make your way through various rooms and destroy the power center before the time runs out.
The room layout is randomized each round which could easily result in a lengthy search, but thankfully there are only six(?) rooms in total, so finding the center is mostly a matter of seconds.
You’ll also face aliens who appear out of nothing and shoot on sight.
Give ’em hell with your laser gun or look for a power armor which makes you invincible for a short amount of time and kills enemies simply by touch.
When you reach the power core you only have to shoot it once and the next round starts.
Repeat until all of your three lives are gone.

Marauder is a lot like Berzerk but (slightly) worse in every aspect.
The graphics lack the flashy colors and everything is very blocky.
It’s also pretty much a requirement to choose a higher difficulty.
Touching a wall won’t kill you and enemies aren’t skilled enough when it comes to aiming.
You’ll get bored very fast if you go with the standard difficulty.
It’s also possible to spawn near an enemy which results in an instant death.
Happens rarely and Berzerk had the same problem, but its still annoying.

So…you haven’t played Berzerk yet? Get it right now.
Played it to death already like me? Give Marauders a chance.
Play it!






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