Atari 2600 – Mouse Trap


It’s like Pac-Man with cats and mice.


Tired of me comparing every maze game to Pac-Man?
Well, I’m sorry but that’s the best way to describe this arcade port by Exidy.

You are a mouse trapped in a maze.
Collect all the cheese to move on to the next stage.
There are various power-ups scattered across the maze.
They don’t activate immediately.
You can collect term and use them whenever you’re in trouble.
They’ll transform you into a dog for a few seconds, giving you the ability to eat the four cats that try to catch you.
When you hold down the fire button you can also alter the whole maze.
Either to reach certain spots or to cut off a cat that is getting too close.
And that’s pretty much it…

…which is probably my biggest gripe with the game.
No multiplayer, no gameplay-variations, only the difficulty switches to make the game slightly more challenging.
And even then it’s way too easy.
This is Pac-Man for the kids.
Cats aren’t very fast and they mostly mind their own business.
Add your unique abilities and there’s a high chance that you’ll never lose a life.
Even if you do, you gain an extra life every 500 points.

I don’t wanna be too harsh tho.
Mouse Trap looks charming, controls fine and is really relaxing every now and then.
If Lock ‘n’ Chase is too difficult for you, give it a shot.
Try it!






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