Atari 2600 – Ms. Pac-Man


The thinking man’s childhood crush.


Who would’ve thought?
Atari f*cked up big time with their original Pac-Man port and it remains one of my most hated games on the system.
Just awful.
So after losing a ton of money, they decided to port the arcade hit Ms. Pac-Man and it turned out to be pretty much a perfect rendition.

You all know how this game is played but let explain anyway.
Otherwise, this review would be really short.
You move madam Pac-Man through various mazes in an attempt to eat all the pills.
Of course, the famous four ghosts don’t like this at all and will chase you relentlessly. Your only defense is power-ups that last a few seconds and allow you to eat the ghosts for some extra points.
Randomly appearing fruits also boost your score.
When you’ve eaten every pill you move on to the next, harder stage.
Rinse and repeat until you lost every life or until you have broken the game.

Ms. Pac-Man looks like its male counterpart.
The ghosts are still flashing but it’s not as headache-inducing.
More importantly, they kept the different mazes. Different in color scheme and layout and including the tunnels that lead to the opposite side of the maze.
A much-needed breath of fresh air.
The iconic *wakawaka* sound effects are also in place.
Forget about the funny interludes from the arcade machine tho. That would’ve been too much for the tiny cartridge.
You can choose between four difficulty modes.
All four ghosts or one, two and three ghosts.
Stick with the original for the best experience.

So yeah, that’s all there is to it.
If you absolutely need a version of Pac-man for your Atari 2600 (and you do) then pick this one. It’s very common and cheap.
Since I’ve played it a million time already tho, I probably prefer Lock ‘n’ Chase as it provides an interesting twist to the old formula.
Play it!





4 thoughts on “Atari 2600 – Ms. Pac-Man

      1. It was to do with the fact that the version that was released was actually only the prototype and at the time there were a number of Pacman clones coming out. Atari bosses feared they wouldn’t sell if there was a delay so they just said “Package the prototype”

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