Atari 2600 – Pitfall!


Rainbow-Man is on his way!

All of you know this platformer by David Crane, the second best-selling game for the system that also shaped the genre and paved the way for countless classics.
More importantly, it was also the game I got with my Atari 2600 years ago and I still like to pop it in every so often.

You play as Pitfall Harry, a fearless adventurer who has twenty minutes to find all 32 treasures hidden in a dangerous jungle.
The game consists of 255 (!) screens, all of which are filled with traps and enemies.
Rolling logs (lose money when you touch them), quicksand, water holes, crocodiles, fire, and snakes.
Thank God for the many vines that allow a safe and speedy crossing.
You can also drop down ladders and make your way through the tunnels.
This not only avoids many deathly threats but also skips three screen which is absolutely necessary if you want to finish the game in time.
Be careful of scorpions and dead ends tho.
The game ends when you lose all three lives, the time is up or when you’ve found all treasures.

After playing Pitfall! again for a quite some time I gotta say:
This game is really hard.
Even if you take every shortcut, avoid any deaths and get really lucky with the timing you still finish with only a few seconds left.
It’s highly advised to use a guide.
The game is mostly fair (freaking logs) and the controls are responsive.
You can even jump in place which is huge.
The graphics are nothing special (yes I said it) except you like to look at every shade of green at once.
Sound effects aren’t annoying and I everyone really likes the little jingle that plays every time you use a vine.
The only thing that slightly bugs me is the repetition of screens, but that is to be expected of such a fairly big game.

Pitfall! is still lots of fun, a real challenge and a big rush of nostalgia for me.
Play it and own it!





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