Atari 2600 – Raft Rider



Now that’s a reference nobody will get.
Anyway, this is another arcade game by U.S. Games that pretty much everybody forgot the minute it came out.
How could that happen?

You’re a trapper on a raft and you have to survive the ride on a dangerous river.
There are stones, trees, moose and beavers who will chop down trees.
You can only move up and down which takes some time as you change ‘lanes’ diagonally. Makes sense since the water is in constant motion (it’s a river, duh).
You can also collect gold for bonus points.
Get as many points as possible before you lose all three lives.
That’s all there is to it.

And that’s generally not a bad thing.
I enjoy a simple game from time to time that doesn’t need any instructions.
Pop it in and play.
Raft Rider’s problem is that it’s too easy.
Obstacles are placed randomly so you might end up with a river that only demands to switch between two or three ‘lanes’.
Many obstacles at once are no biggie either because your raft is so slow.
You can change the pace which makes it slightly harder or you can add running moose but that just ends being unfair because switching lanes takes too long.
Argh, there is no difficulty setting that hits the right spot.
It’s a bit of a shame because the rest of the game is fine.
Controls work well once you get used to them, the graphics are colorful and every object looks like it’s supposed to (yes, that is noteworthy) and you get a cute jingle at the start of the game.

Raft Rider could’ve been good but I mostly switched it off not because of a game over but because I got too bored from the lack of difficulty.
It’s still worth a shot if you’re looking for a simple and relaxing game that’s easily enjoyable while being high as a kite.
Try it!






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