Atari 2600 – Ram It


Too many filthy jokes…

I can imagine how the sales-pitch for Ram it went down at Telesys.
“The kids love Breakout, right? How about we take the paddle and put it in the middle of the screen?”
And they actually did it!
The absolute madmen!

It’s not quite like Breakout, but the inspiration is obvious.
You control a Ramroid (see box art) who can move up and down on a track in the center of the screen.
There are colored bars left and right and they randomly advance towards the center.
Shoot them before they reach the middle and cut off your path.
Bars can start blinking and if you shoot them fast enough you cget bonus points, bonus time and they disappear after a single hit. Pretty sweet.
The game always consists of three round.
A round ends if:
-all bars are destroyed
-the time is up (50 seconds)
-some bars have fully extended and block your path but you’ve still managed to destroy the rest
And that’s it.

Which, of course, is totally fine for an arcade title.
Easy to understand without a manual but hard to master without the right tactic.
Do you shoot in both directions or clear one side first before concentrating on the other? You can also line up shots and try to hit two bars at once which is really satisfying.
Or how about holding the last few bars hostage until they start blinking for many bonus points?
Lots to consider if you’re aiming for the high score.
It’s really fun and exciting so it sucks even more that it’s so short.
Only three round (about two minutes) and you have to start over.
No endless-mode or anything, just harder difficulties.
The sound effects are also extremely annoying. It’s like the Atari is glitching badly and about to explode.
Hit the mute-button immediately.

Ram It is a really fun game with an interesting concept that would’ve benefited greatly from more variety.
Still: Play it!





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