Atari 2600 – Rescue Terra I


Will somebody, PLEASE, think about Terra I!

Another obscure shooter for the Atari 2600 because nobody bought it (because nobody knew it existed) and the developer, VentureVision, went bankrupt shortly after release and it remains the only game in their library.
So if you’re looking for a rare game for your collection and are willing to pay an insane amount of money then Rescue Terra I might be right up your alley.
But should you actually play it or simply put it on your shelf?

There is a story to this game in the manual but I would actually advise against reading it.
In short:
Terra I is the planet where Earth gets most of its energy (in form of crystals) from.
Suddenly some space pirates decide to steal these crystals so earth decides to send their best pilot (spoiler: it’s you) to save Terra I.

The game is divided into four stages which consist of several rounds.
A meteor storm, space pirates, robot interceptors and fish force fields(!).
You advance in stages by surviving 10k light years.
That takes forever and is the biggest problem here.
Shooting and dodging the same enemy in the same way for fifteen minutes is so tiring and boring that you probably switch the game off during the first stage.
It tries to shake things up by changing gameplay styles, from flying top to bottom to a side-scroller perspective, but it’s still mostly the same.
Your greatest enemy is your attention span.
Also, in the first stage, you have to shoot or dodge meteors but they look like crazy plant aliens straight out of Metroid.
I’ve never seen a green and orange meteor filled with holes.
Thanks for ruining that part, manual.
The enemies do get faster over time but its overall still too easy to call it a real challenge.

Rescue Terra I looks fine but I would have liked some stars in the plain black background.
Some developers can’t be arsed to go that extra mile.
I would account the unannoying sound effects as a plus but they’re just so unnoticeable and quiet that it doesn’t matter.
Controls are smooth tho and make navigating through enemy lines a real breeze.
They are the main reason I mostly skipped shooting all the goons.
You can also choose a level by pressing the ‘game select lever’, so I was still able to see everything the game has to offer.
I would also like to mention the multiplayer mode.
It’s a mess.
One player controls the up and down button and the other controls left and right.
You have to be some kind of wizard to make it work.
Just skip it.

You know what?
Skip the whole game unless you’re into collecting.
There are dozens of good shooters for the system that are way more exciting.
Skippedyskip it!





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