Atari 2600 – Shootin’ Gallery


Yes, I also wonder what’s going on in that cover.

Another arcade title from my favorite peeps at Imagic.
This game is very similar to Carnival but, as you might have guessed from looking at the developer, better in almost every way.
It’s aimed at children and therefore rather simple, so this “review” might be a bit short.


You’re in a shooting gallery and you move a gun from left to right and press the fire button to shoot.
There is no time limit so it’s a pretty relaxing experience.
You have 64 shots and you get four extra shots for every 20k points you score.
There are many targets on the screen.
Almost all of them are animals except for a cute little train.
That’s where the big money is. Always focus on dismantling the train first.
Here’s the winning strategy:

First, you shoot the caboose for 5000 points. Then you aim for the two boxcars for 1000 points each. Lastly, you destroy the engine for a meager 100 points.
Now, the train won’t return until you shoot another target. So put the monkey to sleep for another 500 pints and then take on the train again.

That’s 7600 points and by far the best way to reach a high score.
The problem is…you won’t be doing anything else in this game.
Why even bother shooting snails or rats for 100 points?

I guess that’s the problem with ‘kids games’.
I only have a high score in mind but kids probably have way more fun watching and shooting all the cute animals.
I can hardly blame the game for that.
It’s still worth a look for obvious reasons.

The presentation.
This is an Imagic game so you know you’re getting some high-quality eye candy.
Vibrant colors, good-looking sprites, and impressive animations.
I love how rats whip their tails when they run or how the train is blowing smoke. Everything is very lively.
Maybe Imagics the best effort so far and that’s saying a lot.
You also get a nice jingle when shooting the caboose.
If you decide to buy this game, definitely look for a complete set.
The manual is beautiful too.

Again, I enjoyed my time with this game but got bored after finding out the best strategy.
The abundance of a multiplayer mode isn’t helpful either.
But since I’m not the target audience, I can’t critique it too harshly.
Try it!





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