Atari 2600 – Sky Jinks


What a funny play on the word ‘hijinks’. Classic!

Whenever you see a weird yellow rainbow on a cover, you can safely assume it was developed by Activision.
The arcade game Sky Jinks was also programmed by co-founder Bob Whitehead, so you might think that this is a quality product.
Well, …you’re not totally wrong.

You maneuver a plane through a slalom while avoiding trees and hot air balloons to get the best time possible.
There are four stages which all look the same but have a different amount of pylons, starting with 25 and up to 99.
That’s the whole game.

I would’ve loved some different scenery (4 stages= 4 seasons) or gameplay variations but no.
All stages look and play the same.
Some just take longer to finish and I highly recommend avoiding the two later stages.
It’s a real chore.
Now while this monotony is fine for many arcade games, Sky Jinks gets boring way too quickly since it’s lacking any real challenge.
Crashing into stuff just slows you down so you better set your own goals if you seek some kind of motivation.

The graphics are magic tho.
Yes, there is good stuff like lush green grass but more importantly: shadows!
Every object casts a shadow and the shadow of your plane is in sync even when you’re tilting while changing directions.
Looks fabulous.
I haven’t seen it done properly until now.
It’s sad that you have to mute the game because the engine sound is absolutely jarring.

Fun fact:
You were able get a cool patch if you finished the first stage in under 35 seconds, while the world record is like 34 seconds.
That’s should be a rare collector’s item.

I really have nothing more to say since the game is lacking in content.
Plays fine, looks great, gets boring after five minutes.






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