Atari 2600 – Smurf: Rescue in Gargamel’s Castle


I am still utterly in love with Smurfette.

What a welcoming break from all the shooting.
Smurf is simple platformer by Coleco Industries and based on the show by the same name.
I loved watching this show as a kid and it’s still a big deal over here.
The game was also released for the Colecovision and I cant wait to play it again.

Oh no!
Gargamel kidnapped Smurfette, locked her up in his castle and it’s your job to save her.

The game consists of six screens.
On your first playthrough, you won’t encounter any enemies except for a spider.
Later on, you will also find snakes, bats, and crows.
They are mostly easy to avoid by simply jumping over them.
Jumping can be confusing at first.
Pressing up once lets you jump a little bit.
Pressing up again shortly after lets you make a big leap forward.
This is key for crossing larger gaps and rivers.
You can also duck but I never really needed to.
After reaching the castle you finally find Smurfette, kiss her and do it all over again until your dead.
The game gets progressively harder with more and faster enemies and reassuring screens.


First thing first: Smurf looks fantastic.
Detailed sprites, lovely walking animations, and cheerful colors.
I’d says it’s even better than Imagic’s best efforts.
You can also hear some nice tunes along the way and unobtrusive sound effects.
Its a great package for eyes and ears.
I like the different sceneries and the challenges they bring with them and while the controls arent as fluid as Id like them to be, you can get used to them fairly quickly.

Its kinda sad that you never meet any other Smurf or Gargamel and the game gets repetitive after a while.
You can only milk the same screens and enemies for so long.

Still, if you are looking for a fun platformer on the Atari 2600 you should definitely give Smurf a chance.
Play it!






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