Atari 2600 – Space Battle


And the award for the most unimaginative name goes to…

Space Attack by Mattel.
As one would expect, it’s a shooter but with an interesting twist.

Five alien fleets are attacking your mothership and you have to defend it by sending out your three spaceships and stop the armada.

The game starts with a really ugly radar screen.
After pressing start, some alien ships come into view.
You have to deploy your own ships by selecting an enemy, pressing down and then choosing a direction.
It’s unnecessary complicated.
After making contact, the ships will blink and you have to press something.
I never figured it out so I pressed every button like a madman. Works just fine.


Next up is the action screen.
You are finally in space and you have to shoot between five to ten enemies in first-person before you can move on.
The controls here a very sensitive and moving the crosshair in a careful fashion is almost impossible.
Enemy ships are mostly trying to avoid your shots and fire back very sporadically
They can even kill their comrades when they explode. Neat.
A bit too easy but a fair comprises for the janky controls.

Repeat this whole charade five times and you win the game.
Yes, the game actually ends.

There is no score.
Yes, you’ve heard that right.
It’s probably the dumbest design decision in a long time.
You either win or lose and that’s it. That also means there is no reason to play this game more than once.
Sure, you can always try the harder difficulty if you like getting a**blasted from every direction but that’s also the only gameplay variation.
It just screams lazy.

I really like the space section with the colored stars and the concept itself is interesting but I can’t really recommend this to anyone.
There are countless better space shooters on the system.
Skip it!





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