Atari 2600 – Space Jockey


YES! Even more games set in space!

Getting a bit tired of this scenario.
This little side-scrolling shooter was published by U.S. Games and developed by James Wickstead Design Associates, the same guys who brought us the delightful Smurf.

No real story here so I get right to it.
You control a saucer in space and you have to shoot as many enemies as possible.
Planes, helicopters, tanks, and balloons.
Pretty much everything you’d expect near an alien planet is trying to kill you.
There are also houses and trees on the bottom of the screen. You can shoot those totally weird objects for bonus points.
Die three times and the game is over or score a thousand points for an extra life.
That is it.

The biggest problem with Space Jockey is that it’s too easy once you’ve figured out the winning strategy.
Flying near the ground and occasionally shooting some obstacles will guarantee a highscore.
The only thing stopping you now aren’t enemies but boredom.
There are sixteen gameplay variations with guided bullets or randomly moving enemies but it’s never a real challenge if you stick to this strategy

The graphics are surprisingly bland seeing the company behind it.
A plain black background and small unimaginative sprites aren’t necessarily pleasing and the awful sound effects made me mute the game right away.
Every shot has a weird reverb that stops as soon as you release the fire button.
It’s bad.

Well, I really have nothing else to say.
Space Jockey is just another space shooter for the system that feels extremely rushed or even unfinished in parts.
Skip it!




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