Atari 2600 – Gamma-Attack


Worth every penny!

So this might be the rarest game in existence.
It’s the only game developed by Gammnation and they produced about twenty copies.
One copy is known to exist and the owner tried to sell it for 500k.
Seems like a fair deal, I know, but let’s take a look beforehand.

You are the commander of the only Gamma ship in this stellar field. The Vegan war fleet has taken control of your Gamma outpost planet and is defending it with Vegan laser pulse tanks. This planet is the only inhabitable planet in this star system, and you must stay there and fight the Vegans as long as you can.

Vegans are not even satisfied with just ruining earth.

You control a spaceship that can move in all four directions. You can shoot a large laser diagonally down to the left by hitting the fire button.
Your enemies are tanks that appear in a group of three. Dodge their tiny missiles.
Every time you get hit you fall down a notch until you reach the ground.
You then transform into a huge alien and the game is over….I think. You can still move around and the action continues but the scoreboard stays the same.

So yeah, Gamma-Attack was most likely made in a day.
The only thing I kinda like is the moody color scheme and that’s it.
The sound effects are shrill, the gameplay is monotonous and boring (same enemies over and over) and the difficulty is a joke.
Look at a screenshot and you’ve seen the whole game.

Gamma-Attack would’ve been (rightfully) forgotten if it weren’t for its rarity.
What a bore!





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