Atari 2600 – Porky’s


Getting what? You want me to bang this pig?

This is an action game developed by Dunham Electronic Media and published by Fox.
No surprise then that this game is based on a movie.
I’ve never seen the flick but read that its horrible.
Great foundation for a successful game.


Is a ‘greased pig’ that much fun? I should really try it out.

The goal of this game is to cross a very wide street without getting hit and then blowing up a bar.
As you try to get to the other side you will get hit and then fall down a pit… because video games.

Down here you have to jump over a swamp (more like a puddle) via the vaulting pole. Run towards it, press ‘fire’ and then let go at the right moment to reach a platform.
Now you have to build a ladder by collecting bricks and dropping them at the right spot. Sounds like a hassle but its easier done than said.

After climbing the ladder you find yourself in a very strange bathhouse. There’s a shower in the middle surrounded by platforms and ladders. Some girl is cleaning herself and will throw a tool on top of the shower. You have to get that tool and drop it down a hole while avoiding Ms. Balbricker. I also don’t know what is happening.

After escaping this hellhole you are back on the street BUT this time on lane has stopped all traffic. Yep, you have to repeat this cycle over and over until you manage to cross the whole road.
Don’t worry tho. It’s a fast process.

When you manage to cross the road you’ll be transported to some sort of scaffold that you have to climb. There are several ways to do so but only one path is correct. A red or green arrow will show you the way. If you fall down and get caught by Porky you get sent back to the pit.
Finishing this rather short segment awards you with a nice ‘cutscene’ of the main character Pee Wee blowing up the bar. Over and over until you press ‘reset’.

Yes, gents this game actually has an ending. A rare feat for an Atari 2600 game and one I’m very fond of.
Working towards a definitive goal will oftentimes motivate me more than a simple highscore hunt.
You can still go for more points here, but I was satisfied after seeing the final screen.

That sadly leads to my first and biggest gripe. The game is too short (around 15 minutes) and way too easy. I doubt you can even lose.
Sure, you lose some points for every misstep but who cares when you mainly aim to finish the game?

Another miss is the controls. `
I fared pretty well but many folks hate them. To climb a ladder you have to stand next to it. Yes, that is silly and unintuitive but you’ll get used to it.
Using the vaulting pole in the pit is more infuriating. Sometimes letting go of the pole works and sometimes it doesn’t. Again, that is bad but at least you don’t have to start all over after drowning in the swamp.
Overall, the controls could’ve used some work but they are manageable.

Besides that, I really like the colorful graphics and the funny running animations.
Pee Wee even sweats which is a nice little detail.

Porky’s wasn’t loved by reviewers back in the day but I actually enjoyed my time with it despite its shortcomings.
Its short, well paced and has some interesting ideas along the way.

I’ve never heard about Porky’s until today
but now I kinda agree with the tagline:
Get It!





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