Atari 2600 – Q*bert


Does anybody know if there’s a rubber toy of this dude?
Asking for a friend.

Q*bert is another one of those classics of the “Golden Age of Video Games” and one that I love dearly. Just like Frogger, I haven’t played a version of it that I didn’t like.
Thanks to Parker Brothers we are able to try it out on the Atari 2600.
Let’s hope it doesn’t disappoint.

Well, my door is always open.

The goal is to color a pyramid consisting of 21 blocks by jumping on them with the help of the titular Q*bert, a fuzzy creature with a long snout.

Sounds like a simple task but of course, there are some annoyances along the way.
Snake-like creatures, balls, and goblins(?) also occupy the pyramid and might jump on your head which leads to an early demise.
Thankfully you can (and should) do the same or trick them into jumping in the void while you take a lift outside the pyramid to the top.
Fun stuff!

Every stage is essentially the same but in later stages, you have to color the blocks more than once. Add more aggressive enemies and you’re in for a really good time.
Die twice and the game is over.
That’s it.

And that’s more than enough.
Just like every other incarnation of Q*bert I’ve played, the Atari 2600 version is just as addictive.
It’s easy to learn but you need to play careful and smart if plan to survive the later stages.

The graphics can’t hold a candle to the arcade version or later ports but Parker Bros. did the best they could. I especially like how they added hard shadows to the blocks to add some depth. Looks like some early 70’s pulp comic and I totally dig the aesthetic.

The sound effects could’ve used some work to give it more oomph and only two lives are very stingy but overall this is a great version of the arcade classic that belongs in every collection.

Instead of reading this you could’ve already ordered Q*bert for 5 bucks on eBay.
Get your life in order, my man!




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