Atari 2600 – Quick Step


“Welcome to the Internet. I’ll be your guide today.”

My favorite boys from Imagic are at it again to deliver another feast for the eyes and mind.
Or will they…?


Will it be me?
Will it be you?
A rhyming manual
Belongs in the loo.

You are an orange kangaroo and you have to hop on as many platforms as possible (and change their color by doing so) before the screen moves up.
Of course, your main enemy, the blue squirrel is trying to do the same.

Points are earned by whatever colored platform gets eaten by the scrolling screen.
There are golden platforms that make you invincible and let you stun the enemy, or you can drop a few bombs. Doing this at the right moments may kill the squirrel which allows you to score some points in peace.
The game ends when you or the enemy is all out of lives.

That sucks and renders the singleplayer mode almost obsolete since you can’t aim for a highscore, and outsmarting the hyperactive A.I. isn’t challenging enough to warrant multiple playthroughs.

The presentation, a hallmark of Imagic games, is also quite lacking with ugly sprites and boring environments. I actually mistook the squirrel for an oyster before looking at the box art.

The saving grace is the frantic two-player-mode.
Only focusing on stunning your buddy and ignoring the actual gameplay as much as possible is a surefire way to end a friendship.

Quick Step is only worthwhile if you plan on playing it with someone else.
Soloists should stick with Q*bert or Boing!





2 thoughts on “Atari 2600 – Quick Step

  1. I’m wondering if this is a similar situation to “Laser Gates” where another developer finished it and went bankrupt before they could publish, these graphics are way below Imagic’s usual quality.

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