Atari 2600 – Rabbit Transit


This is just asking for a lawsuit.

Rabbit Transit is a game from Starpath which supports their little gadget, the Supercharger, to bring you never-before-seen audio/visual fidelity.
It’s about helping a horny rabbit getting laid… and therefore must be good.

You are a rabbit trying to get through the Mysterious Meadow
and the Land of Ledges to start a family and make it grow.

That’s not the only thing to grow. *high-fives the air*

The game consists of two screens.
First, you have to go down a field to a river and jump on your turtle taxi.
Dodge snakes, butterflies (bunnies archnemesis) and rocks. Sounds easy, but you can’t move around freely. You can only ‘hop’ in diagonal directions.

Once that is over you are dropped off at “The Land of Ledges”.
This part plays like another variation of Q*bert, e.g. jump on every platform to change their color.
Be aware of the dude who is dropping rocks on your head.
It’s all very surreal.
When the job is done you are rewarded with a lovely scene where the lovers reunite (off-screen) and then reappear with a bunch of kids.

After that the game loops indefinitely but gets harder each time with new enemies and layouts.

Rabbit Transit is, thanks to the additional hardware, a pretty game.
Colorful and well animated while running very smooth. You also get some tunes along the way, although it gets quite annoying after some time.

The controls take some time to get used to but they are actually the key aspect that makes the game so good.
Avoiding the obstacles is rather easy but finding the perfect route for the fastest time is very addictive. It’s so satisfying once you finish the first stage in the mere blink of an eye. It’s a bit like chess. Just way simpler.

I would’ve loved one or two more stages and a multiplayer-mode but the game will suck in for a while nonetheless.

Short of being great,
Rabbit Transit is still a smart and challenging romp
deserving of more attention.






One thought on “Atari 2600 – Rabbit Transit

  1. Hi — just wondering if you used the Supercharger itself, the Stella Has a New Brain software, or some kind of emulation to play Rabbit Transit? I’m looking for the best (ah hell — I’m not gonna lie: cheapest) way to play these games.


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