Atari 2600 – Mega Force


Could this cover BE anymore American?


An arcade shooter by Fox Video Games with probably my favorite plot so far.

You are a member of MegaForce and have been sent to the city of Sardoun. Sardoun is under attack and you must defend it. You are armed with the Moto-Fighter, a sort of armed motorcycle with flight ability.

How rad is that?
Anyhow, you drive or fly from left to right and shoot everything that moves.
Spaceships, rockets and objects like towers and fuel tanks.
Those are especially important.
You constantly run out of fuel and the best way to refill your tank is by blowing up the aforementioned fuel tanks.
Your main goal is to destroy the enemy base.
A few black buildings that need a taste of your rockets.
After that, you move on to the next stage.
They all play the same so try to get as many points as possible before you bite the bullet.

Mega Force is a pretty good looking game.
There’s a sunset and a few dunes in the background, palms and small puddles of water along the way and the sprites are nicely detailed, although very small.
Bullets are even smaller so you really gotta focus on the action.
Controls need a bit of time to get used to.
Changing directions isn’t instant because your bike has to slow down first.
Switching between driving and flying is quick tho.
A hurdle (at first) is the difficulty.
Spaceships are fast and launched rockets can’t be shot.
Takes some skill but never feels unfair.
If you are looking for a more relaxed game you can always switch to easy mode.
Eight lives, a full tank, and unarmed spaceships provide an experience that even my mother would enjoy.
The constant buzzing sound of your engine is annoying but you should mute the game and play some classic rock anyway.
Also: power-ups! Haven’t seen this very often on the Atari 2600.

So…there is really no big flaw to this game.
Sure, you’ve seen it all after five minutes but what do you expect from an old arcade game?
Exactly this:
Fast-paced action and a relatively high skill ceiling. It’s all here.
Play it!





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